Holiday Accommodation in Penwith

Penzance is a small seaside town, historical town, port and civil parish in the Penwith Parish of Cornwall, England. It's the westerlies major town in Cornwall and has been known as "The Waverley of the North" since Roman times. It's also the only major coastal town which is not served by the South West Coast Mainline.

Penwith has a medieval history in which the town was occupied by Viking invaders who settled on the north coast of Cornwall and laid the foundations of the great fortress at Caernarfon. Many of the castles that dot the coast today are the result of these Viking ruins that were left behind when the invaders abandoned Penwith.

Today Penwith is home to a wide variety of visitors including tourists from the UK and abroad. There are some beautiful beaches in the area which have become popular with families coming for the summer season and those looking to take their children to the area to experience some of its natural wonders.

There are many different holiday cottages and self catering apartments for rent in Penwith that can be used by both visitors and local residents alike. Most people in the area prefer staying in a self catering holiday apartment or cottage rather than booking a hotel room, which is why these holiday cottages are growing in popularity.

Penwith is known for its many attractions and activities. The town has several historic buildings which are open to the public. A trip down to the Roman Baths is an ideal way to spend the day while you're staying in one of the many self catering apartments in Penwith. These baths were built by the Romans during the fifth and sixth centuries and are a very important part of the town's history.

Another popular tourist attraction in Penwith is the British Museum. This museum was built in 1266 and is known for being one of the largest museums in the world. The museum holds many ancient artifacts from ancient Greece, Rome, the Middle East and Britain. There are also a large number of exhibits dedicated to popular television programmes of recent years such as Doctor Who and soap operas.

If you're travelling with young children it would be a good idea to book a holiday cottages in Penwith with baby-friendly facilities if you're travelling to Penwith for the summer. With such a high number of children, especially infants, it would be advisable to make sure that your accommodation has facilities for the little ones including an infant changing table and a changing bag.

Penwith is an extremely scenic area, so there are many places to visit for a short stay in one of the many holiday cottages in Penwith. You could easily spend a week or more visiting this area and still not get enough time to see all that the town has to offer. Some of the famous places to visit include the Cheddar Caves, Croyde Castle and Penwith Cathedral which are just a short walk from your holiday flat.

Many visitors to Penwith choose to stay near the Croyde Castle which has a beautiful lawn that's perfect for relaxing after a busy day. There are also numerous other gardens and parks that are close by and these will make the best choice for a day out in Penwith. You will find many picnic areas, gardens and other facilities such as children's play areas.

There is also a popular walking trail that goes through the countryside of Penwith and is ideal for travellers who love to walk, jog or cycle. The trail runs right through the village of Penwith and leads visitors up towards the main street of Croyde.

The best thing about staying in one of the holiday cottages in Penwith is that they are usually close to the beach which makes it convenient for those that enjoy water sports such as swimming. There are a number of hotels that are in close proximity to the beach and are ideally placed for those that love to swim and other forms of leisurely exercise.

There are also a number of caravan parks that are within walking distance of some of the holiday accommodation so that visitors can park their car in one of the parks and use the facilities available. This gives visitors an opportunity to explore the countryside and the surrounding countryside on foot. Most of the caravan parks are located close to the beach and this gives tourists a chance to enjoy the beach side of Penwith without having to worry about finding accommodation. You will need to book accommodation before you leave and allow plenty of time to make sure that your accommodation is available when you arrive.