Newlyn Art Gallery

Newlyn Art Gallery is an internationally renowned art gallery based in Newlyn, Cornwall, UK, which exhibit both local and international artists. opened in 1995, it was founded by art dealer and designer James Hicks. Over the years the Gallery has presented both local and international Artists, exhibiting some of the best names in modern and contemporary Art, including Julian Bream and Peter Carruthers. It is currently managed by Julian Bream. The Gallery was created to promote artistic interests from all areas of the world. As its name implies, Newlyn Art Gallery features both contemporary and traditional Southwest Art. While contemporary art exhibits the latest forms and trends, traditional art focuses on classic designs and values. In the recent past, the two venues have collaborated to present major exhibitions of photographic art including the photographic exhibition of the work of Julian Bream entitled "photographing motion". The Newlyn Art Gallery also organized a major exhibition of contemporary Indian art in conjunction with the Indian Institute of Photography. Exhibitions at either venue can be a great way to experience the talent and culture of other regions of the world. Over the years, the Newlyn Art Gallery has enjoyed long-standing relationships with leading South West retailers, as well as being listed in the Financial Times Best Undergraduate galleries bracket for five years running. At the same time, it has won prestigious acclaim and awards including the Guardian Children's prize (for outstanding achievement in contemporary art making) and the Turner Prize. Julian Bream was also recently awarded a CBE (honorary) fellowship for arts and sciences. Figures such as Sir Peteragers and Sir Michael Caine have all given praise for this important south-west British institution. As part of celebrating the company's 120 years in business, the Newlyn Art Gallery has brought back exhibition dates for some of its key contemporary artists. These include the most famous, Julian Bream, who is now 72 years old. It was also announced that the works of Julian Bream will form part of the London pavilion in the Tate Britain exhibition which begins on the 30th May. Much of the original art work in the exhibition will be from the Newlyn Art Gallery's collection of Bream's works, which is thought to date from the very early 1950s. Two other important South West artists whose work is now featured at the Newlyn Art Gallery include Jimmy Clements and Annie Lennox. Another British contemporary artist called Paul Cocker will feature alongside these two well-known South West artists at the Gallery. Cocker is well known throughout the UK for his striking watercolors, which he made while working as a young man in a printing firm. He went to work in Rome but decided to stay in the United Kingdom and follow his passion for art painting. His major works are The Seasons (1947) and After hours (1952). In addition to these major South West artists the Newlyn Art Gallery has also selected a number of lesser-known artists, including Julian Bream, for a special exhibition called "ARBOUNDING POP Goes North". The exhibition runs from 6 until 31st May and highlights the work of four people from Cornwall. These are believed to be the oldest surviving British Cornish Artists, along with Julian Bream. This artist was born in Penzance, Cornwall in 1926. He is known for his striking watercolors, which feature brightly colored sea life, amongst other things. The Newlyn Art Gallery and Tate Britain are presenting a varied programme across two venues in order to take in all of the work that these artists have to offer. For anyone interested in art and culture in general, or specifically those interested in the visual and performing arts, this is definitely an exciting chance to visit. There are also numerous other venues that are located nearby such as the Art Gallery of Cornwall in Halesworth, the Picture House Cinema in Halesworth and the Hippodrome in Basingstone. All of these venues are well worth a look. The Newlyn Art Gallery and Tate Britain are very much committed to continuing to present unique contemporary artists to the region. For anyone that wants to experience an evening at one of the participating venues it is recommended that you arrive early so you can avoid the queues of people. Once inside the art gallery you will be able to view some of the finest paintings and sculptures from some of the greatest artists of past and present. Make sure that you do not miss out on the chance to view the Bristol exhibition of contemporary artists at the Newlyn Art Gallery.